Adventures In Fara-Dûr: Blood-Moon Rising


Everything that happened pre-reboot.

This body of info is rather generic and vague for the time being, and will be built upon in the near future. Links to other wiki pages soon to come as well as more details (...such as the characters’ actual names….).
For now, without my old notes at hand, this is what I got:
They travel to a fortress/temple of St. Cuthbert – the stronghold of the country’s protectors – to look for an answer to what they have caused. Instead, they find the temple overrun by aberrations; the paladins themselves have become twisted creatures befoul of black magic, the project of a powerful priest of Cuthbert turned cultist. After the heroes defeat the cultists and save the remaining paladins and priests from the dungeon prison, they say farewell and leave behind a portion of the party and head south to the closest city in order to gain support to attack the dark citadel at the heart of the Shadowvale, a mountain pass leading to the Barren Lands.

As they travel, they come across many cultists making the trip to the Shadowvale to support this strange manifesting entity. Why? Well, people are starting to act rather strangely. Homicides and Thefts are increasing in urban areas. Mothers and fathers are up and leaving their children behind to make the pilgrimage west to the Shadowvale. Husbands and wives are splitting daily. Children are leaving their parents. Those who hear the call pursue it without end—even divine and arcane healing fail to revert these individuals back to their former selves.

When the heroes come to the industrial center of the country, they see it oddly encased behind crystal walls, the magic of genies who crossed from the plane of air looking for a renegade criminal-a rakshasa who was pulled through a planar rift leading to the material plane. The heroes defeat said rakshasa and gain very little as they were tricked into doing the genies’ work. Perhaps, the rakshasa was all a ruse to lure adventurers into a game of sorts.

Disgruntled, the heroes leave and set out west through the Trollmoores, to the third and last major city in the country in order to gain answers and accumulate wealth in order to gain power. Throughout their journey so far they have met face to face with evil and have even nearly succumbed to its siren song. But no, they have both turned away from the path of darkness-forbidden magic and lies—however, not without the wizard acquiring a rather odd skeleton familiar.

On their westward journey they meet a badly beaten and injured Cernd, a young druid who tells the adventurers of a nasty hive of trolls who are tearing apart his druidic comrades and begs for aid. The heroes, who have by now gained many members and become a formidable group, are utterly thrashed by said trolls. Only two remain, the original two, as the others have been turned into mashed up heaps of regurgitated troll food, making resurrection highly improbably. Either way, with dark forces tugging on the strings of the planes, resurrections are not occurring unless a willing, living soul gives up its life to bring back a dead one.



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