A Brief Overview

This campaign, Bloodmoon Rising, began as a two player game—DM not included—with friends, Nick, and Joe (last names withheld for privacy matters). It eventually grew to take on a slew of other players, got out of hand, annoyed the DM, and resulted in an indefinite game hiatus. Nearly a year later, the game was picked up again featuring only the two original pc’s.

This is a reboot of an old campaign, which gave me, the DM, a chance to breathe new life into not only the campaign, but my play-style in general. I am taking a new, organized, detailed, prepared-in-advanced approach to telling the story through the vehicles of the player characters. In doing so, I have opted to rely more on the use of the laptop and web based D&D 2.0 resources, such as Obsidian, to aid in organization, and have begun to write in more backstory for the world, focusing on details in order to give it more life.

Thusly, the campaign now has a solid plot-line for the heroes to follow, encounters mapped out, npc’s created in advance, and a shiny new name: “Adventures In Fara-Dûr: Blood-Moon Rising,” or BMR for short.

The original campaign/story-line started over a year ago began as a casual game in order to fight boredom, with the entire first chapter conceived during a long visit to the john. The game itself was originally nameless, with much—if not most—of it written and conducted on the fly.

BMR takes place in the continent of Fara-Dûr. Within the continent, the campaign starts off in the westernmost country of Cainwith.

The game uses the Forgotten Realms nomenclature for time, ie: January = Hammer/Deepwinter, but I have not specified a year as of yet. That will happen once I write a basic framework for the world’s history.

Adventures In Fara-Dûr: Blood-Moon Rising

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